Nāyla al-Khāja (Arabic: نايلة الخاجة‎),


born in Dubai on 7 March 1978, is the main female movie Director/Producer in  the United Arab Emirates. She is the CEO of Nayla Al Khaja Films, a Dubai-based organization recently named D-Seven Motion Pictures, and is an author of The Scene Club, Dubai’s first film club,  started in 2007. Al-Khāja composed, delivered and coordinated a few movies, exhibited and granted in worldwide film celebrations. Since 2018, Al-Khāja centers around coordinating movies. She is additionally an inspirational orator, a social specialist and an influencer.

Holder of a degree in Mass Communication from Dubai Women’s College, she graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor in Image Studies and Filmmaking from Ryerson University (Canada). Back to Dubai, she coordinated and delivered the narrative Unveiling Dubai. Bolstered by H.H. Sheik Nahyan canister Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE’s Minister of Higher Education, the film debuted at the 2006 Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) and His Highness formally declared her as the main lady producer in the UAE.


Preparing for her vocation as an expert movie executive, al-Khaja shot a few introduction films starting at 1993. Her first 8mm work was a film called Sweet Sixteen (1996). It was completely shot in the deserts of Mirdif and was quickly trailed by The Will (discharged in 2003), as a team with Tim Smythe, from the Dubai creation organization Filmworks. She tested the narrative style with (1998), trailed by two accounts, Cockroach (2004) and The Loss (2005). In 2006, Al Khaja composed and guided her originally charged short film, Arabana about tyke misuse (with the help of Unicef), which debuted at DIFF 2007. That year, she was granted the title of Best Emirati Filmmaker. She composed and coordinated three all the more short movies: Once (2009), Malal (2010) and The Neighbor (2013). Malal got the Muhr Emirati Award at DIFF 2010 and The Neighbor was granted Best Emirati Film at the 2014 Abu Dhabi Film Festival. In October 2016, she shot the pilot of her first element film, Animal, named for the Muhr Emirati Awards at DIFF 2016. This short film got the Jury’s Special Prize for Best Short Fiction at the Italian Movie Award in Pompeii, Italy, in September 2017. Creature likewise got the Jury Award in the “Story Film” class at the Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival (UAE) in February 2018. Since 2017, Al Khaja is building up her first component film, Animal , and has been granted an accreditation to display the task at the Producers Network amid the Cannes Film Festival (France) in May 2018.


Business visionary

Since the start of  2005, Nāyla al-Khāja creation house, D-Seven Motion Pictures, has been concentrating on ventures completely created and delivered locally. Throughout the years, she created in the UAE various limited time movies and TV ads for nearby and worldwide brands, while tutoring youthful Arab gifts In 2015, her organization was contracted by Discovery Studios for a TV appear about Dubai Housewives. An American unscripted TV drama channel purchased the rights for this show and D-Seven Motion Pictures line-delivered its pilot, totally shot in Dubai. That year, the Dubai Film and TV Commission asked Al Khaja’s organization to shoot an off camera film for Star Trek Beyond to feature Dubai as a territorial recording center. In parallel, her film club, The Scene Club (22,000 enrolled individuals), has been consistently introducing to the UAE groups of onlookers a wide determination of autonomous motion pictures and grant winning movies in their unique configuration The year 2017 denoted the tenth commemoration of the club. In 2017, to stay in accordance with Al Khaja’s extension technique and the adjustments in the film business, internationally and territorially, D-Seven Motion Pictures rebranded to Nayla Al Khaja Films.


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