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Oh yeah, I am an woman who stands tall juggling  various roles in one, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a daughter in law and a mother. By profession a Bharatanatyam Dancer & Teacher, Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Chef by chance.

Growing up in the Garden city of India had its own allure and blessing. Being the youngest of the four has its own charms and perils. I was a talkative brat, tomboy and prankster all combined in a capsule. Everyone around pampered me as a child. I still cherish those beautiful days of my childhood. My Father did his stint in the Indian army, hence I had the privilege of undergoing schooling in the army environment. This has made a significant impact on me as a person. My parents ensured that we get the best education, the best learning atmosphere and the best facilities at all times. Growing up in a civilian area had its own perks, I  grew up with  lovely neighbourhood which gifted me, good friends and a life time of learning. I  became multi linguistic and can converse in seven languages.

My parents ensured that along with studies we geared up for facing all the challenges in life. My mother was a quiet and shy person, but she ensured that we were outspoken and confident enough to face any situation. It was on my mother’s insistence that my sister and I were initiated into Bharatanatyam at a very tender age of 5. Soon we started performing in Bangalore and later in and around India. From then on till today we learnt, practiced, performed and taught this sacred art form to many across India.

In a blink of an eye I grew from a girl into a woman. I started second part of my life as a career woman early while my friends were still studying. Slowly and persistently I learnt the way of corporate life, initial baby steps became firm. Friends and colleagues were always a vital part of my life and success; they have stood by me in all my trials and tribulations. I realized my potential and knew I had a bright career waiting for me up there. Along with my work I was able to juggle my studies and completed my post graduation and specialisation. I was learning and moving ahead in my career.

Life took a topsy-turvy turn when there came my knight in shining armour, well shinning part was his Fighter Jet! Never in my dream did I realise that I will fall for a guy from the Armed forces. It was a proposal from the aviators clad man in blue. I had to take a major decision in life because I knew marriage to a defence person meant your career dreams coming to an end. From friendship to courtship to relationship happened at supersonic speed. And lo and behold, I found myself getting down with him in Rajasthan to be a Military Wife.

 We were married and our first posting led us to Jodhpur. Thereafter together we both have discovered ourselves and new places in the interiors of India. Life is so damn beautiful!

While juggling the unique challenges of a military-wife life, the other challenge was to find a way to carve out and pursue my own career through the thick and thin of postings to remote areas, sole parenting, military commitments and sometimes even prejudices about the work-at-home life. 

Married to the Fighter Pilot ignited fire in me to achieve more in life. “Do what you can, when you can, where you can” is what the military life  has taught me. Often, when we want to craft a freelance entrepreneurial career from the boondocks while juggling the many responsibilities that come with your role as a military spouse, you may have to tweak your skills and qualifications to come up with something viable. You also have to factor in flexibility and patience because simple logistical amenities like a fast internet connection, isn’t available to you. Hence I started my career as a Corporate Trainer, training students, youth and employees in various organisations in cities across India. I realised there is a potential in every path; we need find our own path.  It gave me immense happiness and satisfaction when I was able to shine a light on the path of these young minds.

Life of a woman is like a roller coaster. As I was settling into my carved out career there came the stork delivering a bundle of joy at my doorstep. Motherhood took me into another level of happiness and satisfaction. To watch the little one growing up is an unexplainable pleasure. My now 9 year old little girl was initiated into the art of Bharatanatyam at an early age of 3 and she has been giving solo performances’ across India.

During all this, while sharing our traditions and enjoying it’s feast is when I realized that cooking is an art. It has to do with a lot of creativity and patience. Deep inside me was a passionate cook which I think I inherited from my parents early in life.  I had the privilege of being a part of a Biggest Reality cookery show in Kerala, which was indeed a feather in my hat.

My hubby’s taxing job profile meant that I had to be always ready to undertake long stretches of sole parenting, learn to be on my own and not pass on my own stresses to my husband. It also required me to conjure up a potent combination of patience, flexibility, emotional and mental strength.

I also have to say that my work-life situation isn’t a perfect balance. I strive to do what I can every day. Perfection does put too much of pressure on me!

Life goes on capturing and living every moment happily


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