Anjali Gupta

Author – The Global Brand Stories, CEO – Divine Ariel International Pvt. Ltd., Director – The Better You Program, Mentor – Atal Innovation Tinkering Lab

This transformational program is designed for colleges and corporate companies. For corporate companies, this program helps with performance improvement, culture building and becoming more human than machines. For colleges, this program makes a student better holistically and makes them entrepreneurship ready as well as better employable.

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About her Life And her Journey
I always wanted to be a businesswoman running multiple businesses and used to dream about the same. During school and college times, I was always a very shy and average student who wanted to compete with the bright students. After finishing college, I started working as a financial analyst with Sri Ganesh – A logistic company then in one of India’s leading logistic company called Liladhar Pasoo. I am proud to say that I was the only one who got promotion and salary increment in six months. After marriage, I relocated to Bangalore and worked for Thomson Reuters. I also got into a company where I was offered partnership – Even though I was not a partner there basically I worked there for free. But that company taught me the best thing of my life which I cherish as my best skill – “Networking”. Networking and being resourceful is one skill you require to succeed in life or in Business. One day, I still remember it was the night of 30th of November 2013, I an my husband asked ourselves a question and I believe the most important question of all –“Are we happy doing what we are doing?” the obvious answer was a “NO”. This was followed by another question – “What’s next?” The answer was – Start our own company.

Reaching this answer was relatively easier as compared to reaching to the answers to the innumerable questions which followed. What to start? How we will we start? How much capital we require? How will we get customers? Can we start our own? –This became a never ending, constantly increasing list of questions. This wasn’t helping and infact was adding to the chaos in our heads so we took a call to help ourselves – WE STOPPED THINKING, WE STARTED WORKING. Undoubtedly, this was the best step we took. The day we started, that day by midnight, the name as ready, web domain was ready and first cut logo was ready. And we started. We started our journey. Our company – then “iGnitus world” – Now “Divine Ariel International Pvt Ltd” was born.

• Disrupted the Event Industry by becoming India’s Foremost Event Consulting Company “DACI” by adding value to clients by creating desired results through events.
• Have been awarded as “Rising Young Innovator” by MIT -ADT University Pune for disrupting the event industry.

• Have been awarded as Pride of B.Com from Pillai’s Institute of Management and Studies on 20th celebration of Institute. Anjali is the first person to receive the award in 20 years of the inception of the college among all the students studied.

• Have been as a speaker at Jaipuria Institute of Management on Women at
Digital Era and also was also honoured in Youth Conference 2025. A plant hasbeen planted on Anjali’s name for her contributions to students.

• She has inspired 1000’s of students by hers talks in various colleges as a

• Our company DACI has helped Governments like Govt of Maharashtra, Govt of Karnataka, as well as Govt of Telengana and Corporate MNC’s like LG, SAP, Intel, Nasscom 10k any many more clients through Event Consulting. We were appointed as official Event Consultant for Government Of Maharashtra PWD department Nagpur for the biggest having event of 79th IRC Annual Session even though it was a very new concept. We reinvented the event even though it was running for 78 years.

• FB Live show – Giving free tips on conducting and creating Result oriented

• Along with my partner Sarath Nair they have invented the new concept of
Mindset training for youth, teachers, parents, police, government employees which helps them to become strong from inside and understand what they want in life and live their life it is designed to be.


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