Yousef Mohammed Al Marzooqi, Emirates Bikers

Yousef Mohammed Al Marzooqi, Emirates Bikers

We represent a group of luxury bike aficionados who treasure timeless, exquisite pieces. We believe in the journey, not in a destination. We ride for the thrill, the satisfaction and the beauty. We seek the equivalent quality of all things in our day-to-day life.

Luxury bikes are recognized for their award-winning machinery, sleek design and absolute power. Due to the models and mechanisms, the customizations are endless. Which allows the collectors, to never lose interest whether on or off the road.

Founded as a passion project in 2013 by Yousef Mohammed Al Marzooqi, Emirates Bikers.

Magazine has been reaching every collector, aficionado and thrill seeker in the UAE and beyond. Yousef knew that someone needed to create a hub in the region for bikers to share this lifestyle and hobby. The e-magazine concept was successful and especially took off on Instagram.

Now over 300,000+ people share Yousef’s genuine passion to ride – for the freedom and the lifestyle.


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