ShahidHaq, the 33 year old Joint Managing Director of the Empire Group


ShahidHaq, the 33 year old Joint Managing Director of the Empire Group of Hotels and the CEO and Design Chief at Motormind Designs is one of the Bangalore’s ‘Young’ who’s conquered it all. Already with a thriving family business, which was brought to life by his father, he stepped into the world of Automobiles and put the biggest names of the automobile industry in awe of his work with his very first creation.

After completing his studies in Bangalore, he found his true calling in Conventry School of Arts and Design, UK. There he completed his course on Transportation Design and on his return; he founded Motormind Designs in 2009.

With a team of 10 and ‘no imports’, Shahid first began Hyperion on paper in 2013. The prototype of the first car was designed, engineered and entirely constructed in their 2,500 sq ft Frazer Town workshop.Shahid has brought in ‘the experience of the race track in a regular street car’. The result is a roadster with 2.7L V6 automatic transmission; front and rear double wishbone coil overs; composite FRP+ carbon fibre body and 255/35/R19 (front tyre) and 295/30/R19 (rear tyre). There’s also a 3D printed steering wheel – something Shahid consciously did to “improve precision” and explore the possibilities.

With plans to bring it out into the market for 35-40 Lakhs, Shahid’s Hyperion would cost nothing less than a whooping 1.25 Crores if made by the American or the European markets. Shahid says the moments he cherished most during the Automobile EXPOs were when the Hyperion was compared to top class German Models and some even asked if the car itself was German!

He could have stopped as the Joint Managing Director of the Empire Group of Hotels and Restaurants. With such a thriving family business, usually people look towards comfort. Shahid was never one of them. He believed in what he loved and worked with his blood, sweat and tears. At the young age of 33, he brought out what no one in India could. He brought out the Hyperion F1. He conquered his dream.


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